Faisal Kanoo

Faisal Kanoo
Faisal Kanoo
Mr. Faisal Kanoo has spent much of his working life in the commercial division of a large business. On a daily basis he manages different divisions in the fields of heavy machinery, tractors, forklifts, oil and gas to name but a few. Although he has been an outstanding manager, working in the industrial sector was not enough to satisfy his entrepreneurial drive.

Mr. Kanoo has a passion for food and wanted to start a business in the catering sector; so in 2002 he decided to pursue his passion for food and specifically curry. He wanted to make curry a complete experience where one’s senses are fully stimulated. Mr. Kanoo researched and compiled an array of curries from around the world, creating the eclectic menu of aromas, textures, and tastes, which Curry Country has become famous for.

Upon completing the business plan for his restaurant and all other prerequisites, Mr. Kanoo sought financing and decided to turn to the professionals at UNIDO for counselling as he had decided that it was time to realise his dream, as “curry belongs to the world”. Consequently, UNIDO linked him with the Bahrain Development Bank where he obtained his initial investment of BD 50,000 in record time. Once he had the green light to start the business, Curry Country was opened in the diplomatic area. Its fame soon spread throughout the district and the restaurant would be packed with bankers, businessmen and diplomats looking for something exciting for lunch. As its popularity grew, Mr. Kanoo opened a new branch, his showpiece, wisely located besides the American Base in Juffair.

Curry Country’s turnover continues to grow year on year, and is carrying its unique dining experience throughout the region. Having already taken the franchise into Qatar, Mr. Kanoo is culminating a deal to open the franchise in Oman, and where next? Well the navy boys will no longer have to miss out on the great food when they head back to the States as Mr. Kanoo prepares to launch his franchise in the US. If “curry belongs to the world” then Mr. Kanoo seems determined to bring it to them.

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