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Born and raised in Bahrain. A promising young entrepreneur, completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Surrey, UK in Business Management and international Communication. Then an executive course in Financial Market Regulation at the London School of Economics. He worked at Bahrain Development Bank as a summer trainee on rotation for two months a week in every department. Also worked as summer inter for KMPG, for its Tamkeen project under the Enterprise Support Fund (EF) in the next year. After graduation he started working for PwC, UK to gain shadowing experience. He then realized his dream and moved back to Bahrain to start his own project.

In December 2013, he designed the business model from home. He communicated with doctors and specialists from around the world to validate the business model. Once the model and concept was validated, he registered the company in February 2014 and focused only on Virtual Medicine.

Mannai Technological Facilitations w.l.l, founded on the basis of passion and entrepreneurial Spirit today has three divisions. Medical, Training and Projects. Under Medical comes the Phoenix portal a virtual medical gateway where you have your medical records digitalized and you make book physical appointments around the work and/or consult virtually. Training is to offer virtual courses for the corporate world, and Projects to offer IT solutions and consultancy for Micro Start-ups all the way to enterprise.
He is young, industrious and passionate about his business venture. He hopes to see phase two of virtual medical consultations (The Phoenix portal) rolling out and to build a name not only in Bahrain but also in the Region. His vision is to provide and create excellence through tailor-made services, always putting the client’s need above all. Believes in establishing a border-less and flexible service which is able to bring experts, professionals and the common man together.

He participated in the Intel Business Challenge MENA 2014, and reached the final stage in the very first year as an entrepreneur. He is also the Winner of Bahrain AE award, 2016, Start-Up of the Year category of the Bahrain Award for Entrepreneurship 2016. His achievements are worth all the appreciation, perhaps because he lets his heart follow his dream and also his clarity of vision.

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