Mohammed Al-Mursail

Mohammed Al-Mursail
Mohammed Al-MursailCaspian Construction
Mr. Mohammed Al-Muraisal has been a devoted citizen working for the Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) for the last 28 years. Working in the BDF he gained experience in communications, management and organization. His qualifications include a Masters in Military Education and Bsc. in Computer Science as well as industrial training. Mr. Al-Muraisal is a highly motivated individual. He enjoys working in progressive, competitive and challenging environments, which is exactly what he faced when he decided to start his business at the turn of the millennium. He started his business modestly, investing in one truck to conduct his construction and transportation business. There was great competition at the time and in order to grow and expand Mr. Muraisal decided that he needed to develop his planning skills and better organize his company.

Mr. Al-Muraisal had been reading the success stories of other graduates of the Investment Promotion & Enterprise Development Program in the press. One day he saw the program advertised, and decided that this was exactly what he needed. So he contacted UNIDO’s office and enrolled. After completing the program Mr. Muraisal restructured his business and devised a growth plan. He has since expanded, from one to 30 large trucks. His business; Caspian Construction and Transport, has expanded out of transport and into various other services ranging from heavy duty digging and construction to carrying out soil testing and selling aggregate sand.
Caspian Construction now caters to many of the large companies in Bahrain. Moreover, with the explosion of construction projects in Bahrian Mr. Muraisal has been able to position his company for high growth, by catering to the needs of the market with a vision to the future.

This has led him to open related services such as crushing of large rocks for fills and roads, and Mr. Muraisal was registering a new company which will be involved in the maintenance and building of causeways as well as the dredging work for laying pipelines and road works. Hardly has Mr. Al-Muraisal is now looking to the G.C.C. for more opportunities, but for a man like him oppurtunities will never be difficult to find.

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