Mohammed Janahi

Mohammed Janahi
Mohammed JanahiHull Diving Services
Mr. Mohammed Janahi always had an aptitude for technical studies. His qualifications include Electronics, Biomedical Engineering, Diving Equipment Tech with IMCA standards and Class 3 (HSE) Commercial Diver. Starting with technical studies in high school and further specializing within the technical section of the Bahrain Technology Institute were only the beginnings of his professional career within the technical sector.

Mr. Janahi began his career when he started at the Bahrain Defense Force where he got an opportunity to train abroad on Laser and Biomedical technology improving his capacities and developing his skill further. Mr. Janahi then worked for Bahrain Maintenance & Diving Services Company (BMDS), a local diving contractor company, where he gained experience throughout the region. Working for BMDS Mr. Janahi saw there is a market for the services he can provide and with the skills he had developed there was tremendous opportunity waiting to be utilized. So Mr. Janahi saw that pursing diving would help his career. Mr. Janahi decided to take a large risk. He sold his car and belongings to take a highly professional diving course in South Africa.

In South Africa, he trained and now is a qualified Class 3 Surface Supplied Air Diver. After the completion of the diving courses, he went back to BMDS but found that working there was a limit to his potential and he would not be able to expand and grow further. Consequently, Mr. Janahi left the company and pursued the help of the Bahrain Development Bank and UNIDO. With the continuous interventions and counseling support provided by Bahrain Development Bank and UNIDO-ITPO/ ARCEIT office in Bahrain Mr. Janahi was able to set up a company at the Bahrain Business Incubator Center where he was able to utilize his skills, experiences and contacts which he has acquired throughout the years. With an initial investment of BD 40,000 Mr. Janahi bought the equipment he needed and with three employees launched Hull Diving Services.
Hull Diving Services provides an array of hull services as well as diving services. The Hull services include hull cleaning, propeller polishing and hull surveying, in addition to diving services which include consultancy, servicing & maintenance and CP and UT surveys. Hull Diving Services largely provides to International Shipping Companies and the Marine Industry. Finally, after working hard within the technical field and establishing a company which provides highly specialized services conducted by professionals Mr. Janahi’s efforts have born fruit, Hull Diving Services’ turnover today exceeds $ 1 Million.

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