Sayed Sharaf

Sayed Sharaf
Sayed SharafAl Noor Mechanical Services
Sayed Sharaf is a technically trained young Bahraini who also has a diploma in marketing and sales management. He started his business after graduating from UNIDO/ ARCEIT’s Investment Promotion & Enterprise Creation program in 2001 (3rd Batch). He was especially motivated by interacting with some of the old program candidates who had successfully established their business during the training program. He started his business Al Noor Mechanical Services, by availing a loan of $ 30,000 from the Bahrain Development Bank and now his yearly business turnover exceeds $1 Million. His business has provided employment to around 24 persons, including professionally qualified engineers.

Al Noor Mechanical Services was established as fabricators and crafters of high quality architectural metal and woodworks. Established in the Sitra Industrial Area the company is managed by professional engineers and has wide experience in Stainless Steel Fabrication, Mechanical and Steel Fabrication, Wrought Iron Works, Carpentry Works and Metal Trading. The company’s focus is quality and this is assured through a process which uses the latest modern machinery and constant supervision of the work by highly qualified, experienced technical experts.

The merchandise is selected from only the best international manufacturers in the world. For Al-Noor Mechanical Services Deadlines were meant to be met and they will work weekends and holidays to see that they are. The company has performed the stainless steel work on some landmark commercial projects such as the BNH building. The division has recently found it’s fame spreading for its kitchen equipment and so has formed a specialized division in Kitchen equipment maintenance and the manufacturing of Kitchen-Hoods, Sinks, Tables and Trolleys as per clients’ specifications and requirements. They have also performed many sizable projects in steel fabrication including structural works, storage tanks, car parking sheds, security fences etc. The carpentry department has become reputed for its high quality finish works such as doors, trims, cabinetries, floorings etc. making it popular in commercial complexes and homes alike. The wrought iron division focuses on bringing beauty into every day fixtures such as doors, banisters and balconies. This has led to popularity for its products among homes and hotels where an Al-Noor piece brings tranquility to the homeowner and impresses the guest.

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