Waleed Al Jowder

Waleed Al Jowder
Waleed Al JowderAl-Baz Contracting, Hadeel Real Estate Agency, Four Star Hotel
Mr. Waleed Al-Jowder graduated from secondary commercial school in 1984. Although he wanted to continue to University his father convinced Mr.AI-Jowder that the need for him in the family business was greater. So it was he went to Saudi where he participated in the family textile business. While there he started some small businesses in Bahrain; Hadeel real estate agency in 1993 and Al-Baz Contracting, a small construction company in 1996. He remained in Saudi for 16 years until the passing of his father saw the family business pass out of his hands and so he returned to Bahrain to look for better prospects.

He started with a small restaurant he rented in a hotel. As he had little capital to invest at the time he rented it with a partner whereby splitting the profits and taking responsibility over managment and operations. The restaurant business was difficult but profitable and within 4 years Mr. Al Jowder had saved enough money to rent the entire hotel. So he went into business with the same partner under their old agreement until within two years he had saved enough money to buy in and become a 50% stakeholder. Unfortunately a couple of years later due to government rezoning of the area to residential status, Mr. Al Jowder was forced to close the hotel, and now he set his eyes on real estate development.
He heard about the Investment Promotion and Enterprise Creation Program run by UNIDO from a friend and entered batch 16 in 2005. He said “It was the first course I’ve taken where I didn’t miss a single class. It really raised some red flags in my mind as to how I had been doing business. It also made me realise that my employees are my most important asset”.

UNIDO aided Mr. Al-Jowder with the financial linkage to Al-Ahli Bank for the development of two buildings.

Mr. Al-Jowder now is embarking on a major real estate development project and is already looking into another large real estate investment.

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